Bentley Luxury Concept

New Designers 29 Nov 2011
Bentley Luxury Concept

The Bentley Luxury Concept is a design study of a prestigious, six meters-long car inspired by wooden boats and by the brand’s heritage. The author is 3D artist Andreas Fougner.

Bentley Luxury ConceptThe Bentley Luxury Concept is an extreme proposal of a luxurious car, with a design characterized by the massive length of 6+ meters.

The exterior uses several elements inspired from the luxury cars of the pre-WWII period, such as the detached fenders and the dominating front grille matched by circular headlights.

Speaking about the project, Swedish designer Andreas Fougner explains, “The inspiration for this concept comes from wooden boats, old classic cars with wood panels and the luxurious look of the brand Bentley.”

Taking inspiration by yacht design, the upper surface of the fenders, side sills and trunk lid form a distinctive stripe trimmed in birch wood, a material which is commonly used in Swedish furniture design.

Bentley Luxury Concept Bentley Luxury Concept

About the Designer

Andreas Fougner is a professional 3d artist in the video game industry. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and in his personal projects he loves to tackle the challenge of making realistic and believable designs.

Among his creations is the Supra Concept, a modern reinterpretation of the Toyota sportscar.

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