Taxi Prague Design Competition: the winners

Taxi Prague Design Competition: the winners

Dassault Systèmes and AutoDesign&Styling magazine have announced the winners of the Taxi Prague” design competition. The first three prizes were won by Diego García, Ludvík Böhm and Jakub Jodlowski.

Visitor Concept 1st place – Visitor Concept

The “Taxi Prague – Dassault Systèmes Design Challenge” was announced by Dassault Systèmes in partnership with AutoDesign&Styling magazine in February 2011.

The participants were given the task to design a new taxi for Prague. The contest saw the participation of 80 designers under-35 years, from 23 countries.

Their task was to present an eco-friendly vision of a taxi that would become another prominent symbol of Prague.

The jury was chaired by car designer and Dassault Systèmes Vice President Anne Asensio, and included AutoDesign&Styling chief editor Radek Laube, DS manager for the car industry, Miloš Korvas, the designers Stanislav Hanuš and Jan Dědek, Jiří Hulák of the National Technical Museum in Prague and Jana Vinšová of the civic association

Call-e Concept Cheers Concept
 2nd place – Call-e Concept 3rd place – Cheers Concept

The jury met in the National Technical Library on September 5 and selected the winning projects among 23 shortlisted entries. The first three winners received the €1,000, €500 and €300 prizes respectively.

The detailed presentations of the winning projects will be published in the latest issue of AutoDesign&Styling.

“The main criteria evaluated by the jury included simplicity, uniqueness, consumer modesty, aesthetic quality and connection with Prague,” says Radek Laube.

“Our ambition was to find such a design that would show how young designers from all over the world imagine Prague taxis looking in the near future.”

1st place – Visitor Concept by Diego García (Spain)

Visitor Concept The Visitor C-Segment vehicle meets the needs of Prague visitors who do not want to miss anything during their journeys to the hotel or the airport.

Large windows and a basic simple shape offer maximum space for passengers.

Thanks to its generous height it is easy to get on and the perspective is great too, since passengers can stand up during the ride.

The friendly design of the exterior is connected with Prague by a color scheme inspired by the beige facades of the old Prague houses and their darker foundation walls.

“In case of the ‛Visitor’ concept the jury acknowledged the relevant, accurate and easy-to-understand design solution, which includes exterior, interior and graphic rendering but also sense for reality and feasibility,” explained Anne Asensio.

Visitor Concept Interior Visitor Concept

“When assessing the entries we were looking for the best solutions also from the perspective of potential users. Consistency with the Prague environment was also very important for us.”

2nd place – Call-e Concept by Josef Ludvík Böhm (Czech Republic)

Call-e ConceptThe design by Josef Ludvík Böhm from the Czech Republic combines the benefits of a car and a bus by maximizing the use of the interior.

It can transport up to six passengers and can be adapted for cargo transport.

The passengers get on through a sliding door and there is even a ramp for a wheelchair.

The large glass darkening boards reduce the visual impact on the city by reflecting the surrounding environment.

Call-e ConceptThe free parts of the car’s body can serve as a communication tool to project advertising and other messages.

The wheels are covered and they are hinged on swivel axles.

They are driven by electric motors powered by batteries and solar cells placed on the car roof.

The project won the attention of the jury by the clean and modern design of its exterior and by its emphasis on the environment.

3rd place – Cheers Concept by Jakub Jodlowski (Poland)

The futuristic Cheers Concept is capable of using the tram lines as a source of power when driving along the same routes as the trams – Prague has one of the densest tram networks.

Cheers Concept Cheers Concept

The driver is seated in a ‘tower’ which reflects the unique character of 100-spire Prague but has a practical implication too.

The Skoda Fabia-long car has a unique interior dominated by cork. The combination of the cork and the dark cabin glass, evoking Czech crystal, creates an interesting contrast.

The jury appreciated this complex and well thought-out solution, as well as the professional way in which it was presented.

(Source: AutoDesign&Styling)

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‘Taxi Prague’ design competition

Dassault Systèmes and AutoDesign&Styling magazine have announced an international competition for designers under 35 years. The task is to design a taxi car for the Czech capital and the deadline is 31 August 2011.


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    I sow better design on this footage then winning model. There is more attractive design than this micro city bus. Jury accepts nothing but boxes. Why always must be boxes. Most car designs contest is wrong! It is too much square!

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  4. 13/10/2011

    In my honest opinion, I thought that the era of glazed boxes on little wheels was over.
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