Fiat Panda: design story

Production Cars 12 Oct 2011
Fiat Panda: design story

After the world preview at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Fiat has published a document that describes the design of the new Panda with original, sketchy illustrations.

The design story, created by the Centro Stile Fiat, explains the design features of the new Panda with regards to the look, safety and performance, using sketches and illustrations in a way similar to comic-strips and storyboards.

Fiat Panda Design Story Fiat Panda Design Story Fiat Panda Design Story

Starting with the inspiration from the so-called “squircle” – a geometric shape based on a square with round sides and corners, Fiat designers explain the evolution of the design language from the previous model, characterized by the introduction of boxy rounded shapes, seamless glazing areas and three-dimensional headlights.

Fiat Panda Design Story Fiat Panda Design Story

The new design is focused on the “robustness” concept, both visually and functionally. The new Panda is well protected from low speed impacts by the array of plastic inserts and the raised position of the lighting units.

Fiat Panda Design Story Fiat Panda Design Story Fiat Panda Design Story

The raised driving position, the low beltline and the wraparound DLO contribute to increase the visibility for both the driver and the passengers.

Fiat New Panda Fiat New Panda

Fiat New Panda Interior The interior was designed for flexibility and modularity. The design is characterized by simple, robust lines inspired by the “squircle” shape and by bold tonal contrasts.

View the official design story here (PDF format) or read on for the associated press release.

Also reported below is a video interview with Roberto Giolito, Fiat and Abarth design director, who speaks about the design of the new model during its official presentation at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

From the official Press Release:

Fiat Panda – Design Story

Fiat Panda Design Story Although still very compact, the new Panda has grown by just a few centimetres to reach the highest safety standards and improve the generous dimensions of the passenger compartment and boot even further. In addition, modularity is enhanced by numerous storage compartments and a wide array of front and rear seat configurations.

In particular, the new model has been restyled on the outside with soft, rounded lines on a regular, very effective volume for exploiting space.

Its front has a strong personality with a slightly convex bonnet mating with an elegant horizontal grille and new rounded headlamps accented by separate supplementary Daytime Running Lights.

The side view has also been updated by reinterpreting several distinctive features of the second-generation Fiat Panda such as the third window, now with rounder angles in harmony with the softer shape of the exteriors to create the effect of an uninterrupted glazed surface stretching back up to the vertical rear light clusters. Smooth, rounded shapes are also found in the strips applied to bumpers and side panels which in addition to paying tribute to the first-generation Fiat Panda also accentuate the “all-terrain” look of the model, which is confirmed by the pronounced wheel arches.

Finally, as on the current model, the lower section of the tailgate protrudes with respect to the rear window. This, combined with the side line, gives a distinct impression of a roof panel resting on the bodywork.

Fiat Panda Design Story The interiors are a continuation of the stylistic choices made for the exteriors. The result is a spacious, functional and comfortable passenger compartment, which can bear comparison with that of higher category cars. It is a well-known fact that flexibility has always been one of the strengths of the Panda, as proven by the split and sliding rear seat and the front passenger seat backrest, which can be folded down to form a table.

This equipment, exclusive in its category, combined with the cargo box option for the boot, offers a nearly flat loading area to fully exploit the entire length of the passenger compartment.

Inspired by the most modern trends, the design of the new Panda is based on the concept that everyone has their own needs, their own lifestyle, a personal relationship with their objects and their own way of distributing them in space. And of finding them again.

Fiat New Panda Interior This is why the new model is a place to fill in an entirely personal way, but at the same time it is a place that is a pleasure to share with others.

The new dashboard has been designed as a practical multifunctional shell containing a large storage “pocket”, just like the first version of the model.

The shell is enveloped in a seamless, colorful frame which graphically joins the steering wheel, radio and main controls and houses the vents and passenger airbag.

Once again, this is tribute to the first-generation Panda, where the elements were fastened onto to a fabric “pouch” which constituted the main part of the dashboard.

(Source: Fiat)

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