Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept

Automotive Design 26 Oct 2011
Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept

The Auto Sportiva 2012 is a study by Paolo Martin that envisions a mid-engine coupé with a design inspired by the De Tomaso brand.

The Auto Sportiva 2012 (sportscar in Italian) by Paolo Martin is deliberately inspired by the original Pantera De Tomaso in terms of styling cues, proportions and DNA.

Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept Profile Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept Layout

The car – currently still under development – is based on the Audi R8 and is powered by a mid-mounted V8 engine.

Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept

Paolo Martin also created a “Dream Car” variant, with scissor doors and lower side windows in “Balistic Lexan” which allow to directly see the road, increasing the driving pleasure and feel.

The study was commissioned by a private collector who wanted an affordable yet exclusive one-off supercar.

For more information visit Paolo Martin’s website or his Flickr page.

(Image Courtesy: Paolo Martin)

Image Gallery

Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept - Image 5
Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept - Image 2
Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept - Image 4
Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept - Image 1
Auto Sportiva 2012 Concept - Image 3

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