Yo-Auto Yo-Concept

Concept Cars 1 Sep 2011
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Russian company Yo-Auto is unveiling an original concept car featuring an aerodynamic design and unconventional sliding doors.

According to Yo-Auto, the vehicle shows a design direction for future models and demonstrates an unconventional approach.

Yo-Auto Yo-Concept Yo-Auto Yo-Concept An example of this is represented by the original large side doors, which open by sliding up and to the rear. The powertrain is a hybrid system equipped with a gasoline engine.

The Yo-Concept follows other Yo-Auto’s projects: Yo-Hatchback, Yo-Cross-coupe and Yo-Microvan – which can be seen in detail on their website.

Image Gallery

Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 11
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 6
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 1
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 7
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 8
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 10
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 4
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 5
Yo-Auto Yo-Concept - Image 9

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  1. Eugen Schlee

    hehe, ein nasenbär 😀

    (via Facebook)
  2. 2/9/2011

    Not bad- Hey, you can have your doors opened even at high speed! Just make sure you don’t make sharp turns 🙂


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