Seat IBL Concept

Concept Cars 13 Sep 2011
Seat IBL Concept

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show Seat has unveiled the IBL Concept, a sporty sedan that evolves the new brand’s design DNA made of clean, essential lines.

Seat IBL ConceptAccording to Seat, the IBL Concept previews the design direction for future models while at the same time anticipating the important role of sports sedan in the future line-up.

The car is characterized by clean, precise lines and by a premium feel which is particularly evident in the interior.

The IBL Concept has a length of 4.67 meters, a width of 1.85 meters and a wheelbase of 2.71 meters that gives the car short overhangs and, in combination with the dynamic roofline, suggests a four-door coupé look.

Exterior Design

Seat IBL Concept debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show“IBL is all about emotion. Love at first sight. But this first impression is something that is meant to last thanks to its timeless elegant design,” explained Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, the new Head of SEAT Design.

“The IBL was created from the unique design DNA that will prevail right across our next vehicle generation. The IBL is certainly more than a saloon; it is the SEAT interpretation of a very sporty four-door. With it, we are also demonstrating that we can apply our elegant dynamics and our youthful character to a full-size vehicle concept, too, making it unique and unmistakable.”

At the front, the IBL is characterized by the full LED headlamps and by the “arrow”, a core element of the brand’s design recalled by the hood and the five-sided grille.

Seat IBL ConceptThe distinctive air intakes on the lower part of the front spoiler have a linear form and are inspired by the design of an electronic circuit board, creating a visual connection to the zero local emissions of the plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The air intakes are designed in black and red and framed with fine chrome lines that emphasize both the vehicle’s breadth and its premium character.

The side view is dominated bythe large 20-inch wheels which have a sophisticated design featuring single and double spokes.

Seat IBL ConceptThe wheels are further emphasized by muscular wheel arches and flanks which ontributes to the car’s stance.

The dynamic, sharp line running the full length of the flanks and the chrome line around the greenhouse add visual length to the side view.

The small fold-out door handles and the aluminum of the exterior mirror supports demonstrate the minimalist approach.

The rear end features sharply-cut LED lights, a bumper indicated by just a character and a finely sculpted rear diffuser.

Interior Design

Seat IBL Concept InteriorThe four-seater interior has a clean, minimal design combined with premium feel and materials.

The atmosphere is defined by light, matte leather surfaces, which contrasts with the sporty black leather accents and the trim elements painted in the same rich red color of the exterior.

The form of the dashboard, which almost seems to hang suspended in space, is a further aspect that adds to the impression of lightness.

The cockpit is clearly oriented towards the driver. A one-piece, curved glass surface covers the complete instrument panel all the way to the secondary display in the centre of the cockpit.

The main display behind the steering wheel is fully digital and can be freely programmed to suit the preferences of the driver.

Information can be presented either in the form of classic analogue dials or as a digital information system.

Says Alejandro Mesonero: “The interior of IBL is in total harmony with its exterior design. It is definitely a place where you want to be, and to be seen.”

The information hierarchy and color scheme can be selected from three programs – “Travel” for relaxed driving, “Sport” for concentrated driving fun, or “Efficiency” when the focus is on the fuel efficiency of the plug-in hybrid drive.

The second display in the centre of the dashboard is dedicated to the extensive communications and information systems.

The navigation system, for example, incorporates data from Google Earth and real-time traffic information into its route recommendations. The information systems are operated via two touch pads integrated into the steering wheel spokes – completely intuitively with both thumbs.

Particular attention was dedicated to the the climate control: virtually the entire upper side of the cockpit is conceived as large-surface air vent, facilitating draught-free ventilation.

Targeted air flow is handled via individual air channels, integrated into the displays for minimal visual impact.

The air channels have been designed with precisely executed frames machined from solid aluminum.

Image Gallery

Seat IBL Concept - Image 2
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  1. Roope Kolu

    passat cc?

    (via Facebook)
  2. Voislav Andronescu

    It’s a very blah, modern remake of the Alfa Romeo quatroporte from the 1980. And that’s giving it too much credit. Concepts by and large are supposed to be “out there” and expose new concepts and ideas. By the time those concepts hit mass production, the designs are so tempered down and boring that are often unrecognisable. If this is the concept stage for the Seat IBL, I’m afraid to think what it is going to look like by the time it hits production stage…

    (via Facebook)
    • Mohamed Eissa

      Yes I might agree with that the concept may have a side view similar to alfaromeo especially 1990’s models, but the whole design is a very different. I even think that SEAT really invested benefits of being in the same family with AUDI and learned well how to be a real luxury sporty brand. A time ago I said here that I don’t like what seat providing and if it will take Audi’s style so why they expect clients prefer them, but now I admit that seat is really providing it’s very own style, and I think it will gain more success.

  3. Voislav Andronescu

    I really hope youre right AND that in the future, SEAT will decenii their own design style. But for now if one would be to park this model in a large parking lot and ask it’s owner to find it, they better remember where they parked, otherwise it will be hard to find vonsidering tgat this design looks like any othet average sedan.

    (via Facebook)
  4. Voislav Andronescu

    …SEAT will create theyr own design style, not “decenii”…

    (via Facebook)
  5. 14/9/2011

    Looks OKish. But this is a concept? WOW! are these guys actually serious? I think SEAT better live this IBL as it is, if they really thinking about mass production, because there’s nothing conceptual about this design.

  6. Voislav Andronescu

    My point exactly!

    (via Facebook)


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