12:grn:hrs – design a green car in a day! (UPDATED)

12:grn:hrs – design a green car in a day! (UPDATED)

Tomorrow, Friday September 23rd, during a 12 hours workshop professional car designers together with people from the public will create a unique green car design concept.

UPDATE: In addition to the paid-for event and due to popular demand the morning session will be opened as a free event. For more information visit Green Car Online.

The online eco-design car magazine Green Car Design has organized “12:grn:hrs – design a green car in a day!”, a workshop that aims at stimulating creative solutions for new green vehicles.

Green Car Design Workshop - Car DesignersThe event will take place during the London Design Festival 2011 Friday, September 23, 2011 from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM (GMT) at the Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London.

A group of professional car designers, eco-motivators and people form the public will be divided in five teams – with one designer for each team.

During a 12 hours time the teams will have to wotk on a unique green car concept.

Tickets are still available online with prices starting from £8, that include breakfast, lunch, drinks, and goodie bag.

For more information visit Green Car Design.

Below we report the official information on the event.

From the official Press Release:

12:grn:hrs – design a green car in a day! is a one day event organized by Green Car Design Ltd during the London Design Festival 2011.

Eco Motivators The aim of the event is to create an opportunity for an intense day of design and eco brainstorming to create a truly unique green car design concept.

The event is designed to allow for maximum creativity packed into a short space of time.

The time constraint can focus creators on essential and important elements that are paramount to good eco design.

Carefully selected suppliers, not necessarily automotive, will initiate the process with a presentation of their products in the morning to stimulate thought.

Then teams will be created given random parameters and proceed to design a green car in a day.

Our Professional Car Designers

  • Felipe Clefas – Nissan Design Europe
  • Hugo Spowers – Riversimple
  • Sebastien Stassin – Kiska
  • David Wilke – Mia-Electric
  • Giovanni Piccardo – ex-Pininfarina

Eco Motivators

  • Sage Automotive Interiors
  • Material ConneXion
  • Light Tape
  • Camira Fabrics
  • Within Lab


The schedule is tight and packed for good reason. Under pressure people work in a different way. They often forget preconceptions, are willing to try new ideas, and even come up with new ones! Not only is time restricted but materials and internet use will also be limited for each team. With this less is more approach design and concepts flourish in a more unexpected way leading to ecologically innovative results.

8.30 am – Registration Breakfast

8.55 am – Green Car Design Intro

9.00 am – Keynote speech by Kenny Schachter – art curator and avid car nut sets the tone for the day!

9.15 am – Eco Motivators Present- this is a mental warm-up and meant to inform participants of alternative materials, processes, and ideas.

11.30 am – Team Creation- each car designer is given a team to lead and every team receives a brief.

12.00 am – Brainstorming

1.00 pm – Lunch – teams will sit together to create a sense of common purpose.

2.00pm – Design Draw Mockup – teams will draw, doodle, create loose mockups if they like to explain their concepts.

7.30pm – Presentation and Drinks – each team will present their project chose the best idea to be developed. The evening ends with a well deserved celebratory drinks reception!

We aim to select one of the designs to be developed into a 3D model and prototyped where possible. An interview session will be running throughout the day to capture the view of motivators and creators and the event will be featured on our website and other car and design magazines. Take up the challenge now and become a green car creator!

(Source: Green Car Design)

Image Gallery

12:grn:hrs - design a green car in a day! (UPDATED) - Image 2
12:grn:hrs - design a green car in a day! (UPDATED) - Image 1
12:grn:hrs - design a green car in a day! (UPDATED) - Image 4
12:grn:hrs - design a green car in a day! (UPDATED) - Image 3

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