Ferrari EGO Concept

New Designers 1 Aug 2011
Ferrari EGO Concept

The ferrari EGO Concept is a study of a light, compact sportscar focused on emotional content and driving sensations. It was designed by Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi, Vincenzo Morlino and Luca Zunino.

Ferrari EGO ConceptThe EGO (Emotional Generation One) Concept is a lightweight hypercar for the year 2025, that aims at combining extreme performances and strong emotional content with the tradition and beauty of Ferraris.

The project was inspired by three elements: the egg, which symbolizes the self-centered concept, the car’s mechanic “heart” – a centrally positioned V8 Biturbo – and the connection between man and the machine.

The “egg” idea translates into a advanced, protective cockpit made of carbon fiber and connected with the suspension through a tubular chassis that extends to the center tunnel.

Ferrari EGO Concept The exterior design is characterized by a separation of volumes defined by the ascending side line – which takes inspiration from several Ferrari limited series models.

The front end is dominated by the prominent hood, which visually extends to the wraparound windscreen.

At the rear the car showcases an extremely short overhang, and a design dominated by the spoiler and the circular tail LED lights, that contrast with the dark carbon-fiber surfaces providing a distinctive image.

Ferrari EGO ConceptThe Ferrari EGO also features an umber of active aerodynamic elements such as spoilers, wings and active outlets that use the exhausted gas to increase the downforce as well as the aerodynamic performance.

The sources of inspiration included the P4/5 and the legendary P3.

The interior features futuristic bucket seats, exposed carbon fiber surfaces combined with aluminum elements. The design of the dashboard takes inspiration from military technology.

Ferrari EGO Concept Interior Ferrari EGO Concept Interior

About the design team:

The EGO Concept was designed by IAAD graduates:

  • Salvatore Simonetti : idea,exterior design and 3d modeling
  • Massimiliano Petrachi: interior design and 3d modeling
  • Vincenzo Morlino: exterior details and sketch research
and Luca Zunino (engineering support and applied technology), an engineer graduated from the Politecnico di Milano University.

Contact Details:

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    SuperB 🙂

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  2. Gülli Alania

    nice design 🙂

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  4. Richard Lee

    Really sweet! This stands out from the crowd in a good way.

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  5. Simonetti
  6. GrauGeist

    This is really good, but to me, it’s far more successful as a Lancia Stratos GT concept than a Ferrari concept. The sharp wedge, wraparound glass, flying buttresses, short rear, circular taillights and integral spoiler practically scream Stratos.

  7. Iwan Selamet Simatupang

    Is Really Ego!! Hahahaha..sometimes i dont like ego, but this Ferrari make my mind changes about Ego… 😀 hahahaha
    Is Great Design and Good luck here Great Job.!!

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  8. Iwan Selamet Simatupang

    i am still ego.. 🙂

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