BMW i8 Concept

Concept Cars 2 Aug 2011
BMW i8 Concept

The official design images and information on the BMW i8 Concept, the 2+2 sportscar that features an advanced hybrid technology with sporty performances and high fuel efficiency.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

BMW i8 Concept The exterior design features a flat silhouette, with sweeping lines, taut surfaces and precise edges that form an extremely sculptural and organic surface structure.

The individual vehicle components are clearly visible from the outside, the black and transparent Life module setting itself apart from the silver-colored body components around it.

The precise lines along its flanks and hallmark BMW i “stream flow” also give the BMW i8 Concept a strong sense of powering forward.

BMW i8 Concept A large, transparent greenhouse lends the exterior a feeling of lightness and highlights the efficiency of the vehicle.

The BMW i8 Concept’s doors swing upwards like wings: below them, the silver-colored layer moulds the car’s flanks into a powerful wedge shape, opening out from the door sills towards the rear.

A blue flourish accentuates the dynamic presence of the sills.

Together, the bonnet and door sill sculpting emphasise the BMW i8 Concept’s forward- surging stance, and their smooth lines imbue the car with a touch of lightness.

BMW i8 Concept At the front, a number of different levels interact with one another, while the expressive surface treatment exudes dynamic verve and advertises the car’s sporting potential.

The full-LED headlights of the BMW i8 Concept are designed as two U-shaped configurations.

A black, semi-transparent “V” rises out of the hood just behind the kidney grille, opening out towards the windscreen and guiding the eye to the electric motor below.

The “V” also offers the first glimpse of the CFRP module and extends back towards the rear like a black band to provide a visual connection between the different sections of the car.

BMW i8 ConceptSimilarly to the front end, the rear of the car is also very low, horizontal and sculptural in design.

The silver-coloured side sections form a striking vertical frame around the rear of the car, with a precise line extending out to the sides enjoying particular prominence.

In its center the silver-coloured and blue- framed rear diffuser is a wider and lower interpretation of the version on the BMW i3 Concept, adding a distinct sporting flavour to its relationship with its stablemate.

At the rear, the car’s exceptional sporting credentials are also expressed in width-accentuating lines, three-dimensional air outlets and “floating” tail lights with air through-flow.

The tail lights, which also have a distinct horizontal design, are integrated into the upper layer of the rear and share the signature U-shape of the BMW i light concept.

Interior Design

BMW i8 Concept Interior The transparent surfaces in the doors and roof give the exterior and interior design of the BMW i8 Concept the appearance of merging into one another.

The colour concept and underlying structure of the BMW i8 Concept interior closely mimic those of the BMW i3 Concept.

Here again, the Porcelain White support structure, black technical level and comfort section with Mocha Brown leather are split into three different layers.

The arrangement of the air vents, control panels and displays also betrays the car’s family ties to its BMW i3 Concept sibling.

Overall, however, these features have a more sporting character and are geared much more clearly towards the driver.

BMW i8 Concept Interior BMW i8 Concept Interior

Driver- relevant functions such as the gearshift lever, start-stop button and parking brake are arranged around the driver on the centre console and are graphically strongly geared towards the driving seat as well.

BMW i8 Concept Display Screenshots BMW i8 Concept Display Screenshots

The three-dimensional displays are extremely clear and flash up the relevant information for the driving situation at hand.

BMW i8 Concept Interior Design Sketch At the same time, occupants in the BMW i8 Concept sit in a highly integrated position low down in the car and are separated by the battery running lengthways through the interior.

This longitudinal bisection of the cabin underlines the sporting and forward-looking character of the BMW i8 Concept interior.

The 8.8-inch (22.4 cm) freestanding information display in the dash is joined by an equally large display taking the role of the instrument cluster.

Designing the central instruments in this way enables driver-relevant information to be conveyed in a three-dimensional and high-resolution format.

In keeping with BMW i style, the displays are premium, modern and purist. Depending on the driving mode, the two drive systems are depicted by a pair of ellipses, which supply information on their operation at any given time. Other information – such as the available range and fuel level – can be found here, too.

Technical Features

BMW i8 ConceptThe i8 Concept features a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 96 kW / 250 Nm electric motor with a 164 kW/220 hp turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine developing up to 300 Nm and 300 Nm of torque driving the rear axle.

Together, the two drive units allow the i8 to reach a top speed limited to 250 km/h (155 mph), to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under five seconds while achieving a fuel consumption in the European cycle of under three litres per 100 kilometres (approx. 94 mpg imp).

The BMW i8 Concept can also run purely on electric power, with a driving range of approximately 35 kilometres (20 miles). The battery can be fully recharged in two hours at a standard power socket.

Image Gallery

BMW i8 Concept - Image 10
BMW i8 Concept - Image 15
BMW i8 Concept - Image 17
BMW i8 Concept - Image 29
BMW i8 Concept - Image 33
BMW i8 Concept - Image 26
BMW i8 Concept - Image 42
BMW i8 Concept - Image 34
BMW i8 Concept - Image 22

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