SSC Tuatara preview

Special Cars 18 Jul 2011
SSC Tuatara preview

Shelby Supercars has unveiled the first images and details on the Tuatara, the evolution of the Ultimate Aero supercar and the first model penned by Jason Castriota.

SSC TuataraThe latest supercar is going to succeed the Ultimate Aero, which in 2007 set the world speed record for production cars, reaching 275 mph (443 km/h).

The name “Tuatara” (pronounced Twu-tar-ah) is a Mahori word that indicates a lizard living in New Zealand, with the fastest evolving DNA in the world.

The supercar was designed by Jason Castriota, who joined SSC back in 2010.

Among the technical highlights of the model are the carbon fiber monocoque with aluminum crash boxes, and a carbon fiber, aerodynamic body.

Power comes from a 7 liter V8 engine capable of 1,350 hp and coupled with a seven speed manual gearbox and a three-disc clutch.

SSC Tuatara SSC Tuatara

The wheels are made of a single carbon fiber piece.

(Source: SSC via Motor Authority, eGarage)

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SSC Tuatara preview - Image 2
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SSC Tuatara preview - Image 3

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  1. 18/7/2011

    wow, love that side view! The cockpit is kind of 80’s, but it looks good. 😉

  2. Edmund Anyaehie

    Wow! This is nice

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  3. Baynes

    *Maori. 🙂


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