Pansar launches Transportation Design-inspired watches

Pansar launches Transportation Design-inspired watches

Founded by transportation designer Patrik Palovaara, Pansar is a new Swedish brand of watches that aims at bringing into the luxury watches market the core values of Scandinavian design: simplicity, functionality and quality.

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Pansar aims at offering its customer an experience of good design and good quality, while maintaining prices lower than those of similar premium brands.

Pansar Moonracer Pansar X1-Airborne


Pansar Watches Design Studio A distinctive characteristic of Pansar’s products is the originality of the design: while sharing a common form language with other brands, the company showcases a strong, personal identity, that refuses any idea of remakes or replicas and uses classic proportions and paradigms typical of industrial design rather than stylish or eccentric elements.

To achieve this, Patrik Palovaara took advantage of his experience as an industrial designer – he is a senior designer at Volvo Trucks and worked – among the others – at Ericsson Mobile Communications AB and Nya Perspektiv Design.

Pansar X1-Airborne Design Sketches In the development of the product line-up, Palovaara chose to apply a design methodology similar to that used in the automobile industry.

The creative process includes the early studies and sketches phase, surface modeling, evaluation and review of physical models, and CAD surfaces refinement for production.

A strong attention is paid to proportions and dynamic character lines, which are crucial to the overall impression.

As Palovaara explains, “The foundation is a geometric contour with consistent dynamic character lines that develop a modern form, invoking many elements of Swedish design.”

Pansar Watches Design Theme Sketch

“Each watch is treated as a unique sculpture while working with the proportions to give a harmonious relationship between the different elements of design.”

“The execution is powerful, and at the same time, simple and functional with a distinct attention to detail. […] The result is a collection of watches that speaks both rationally and emotionally to the user.”

The Collection

The first collection was launched in February 2011 and includes three models: Supercharged, Moonracer and X1-Airborne.

Pansar Supercharged Design Sketches All the models share a design inspired by the worlds of transportation and technology.

“The Supercharged expresses the values of motorsport: The extruded cross section profile on the case side exposing the centre case structure creates distinct feature which enhance the visual lightness and gives a strong and robust look.

“It features a circular semi-numbered dial and is characterized by yellow accents hinting at the world of racing.


“There are two chronograph windows: a 24 hour window at 3 o’clock and a minute window placed at 9 o’clock. Once the chronograph function is started, the yellow “A” at 6 o’clock starts spinning and keeps track of the seconds.”

Pansar Supercharged Pansar Supercharged

Moonracer is inspired by the aerospace world, underlined by the blue accents. It features a similar round case centre and bezel to the Supercharged, but with a more industrial look defined by two planes dividing the case structure.

Pansar Moonracer Pansar Moonracer

The circular dial has the same layout as the Supercharged, with chronograph windows and the “A” functioning as the 60 second counter.

Pansar Moonracer Design Sketches Pansar X1-Airborne Design Sketches

The third model is the X1-Airborne, which takes inspiration from the world of military jets with its stealth fighter look and angled surfaces. In this case the distinctive accents are in light green, a color that hints at the HUD controls of modern jet fighters.

Pansar X1-Airborne Pansar X1-Airborne

Compared with the other models, the X1-Airborne has a a different dial layout and a sleeker body with the various components and screws integrated in a solid and essential shape, defined by sharp lines.

Pansar SuperchargedAll the models have a case made of 316L stainless steel, sapphire glass and are 10 atm (100m) water resistant and available in chronograph version as well as in a simpler, three-hand date (hours, minutes and seconds + date) versions.

The chronographs come with a steel bracelet and an additional black calf leather strap, while the three-hand versions come with two calf leather straps – black and tan color.

Pansar Watch CaseThe model line-up is targeted to male customers between 20 and 40 years old, who are full-time workers and fashion conscious.

The watches are available in selected stores as well as at Pansar’s online shop, with prices ranging from €395 to €508 for the basic versions and from €564 to €677 for the chronographs.

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Editor’s Note

This article was done in co-operation with Pansar, and we were happy to present their products as we thought they could be interesting for people involved in car design and industrial design.

The products have also received a positive reaction from watch collectors and enthusiasts: if you like to read more, you can find some reviews and opinions on specialized forums and websites such as Watches and Reviews.

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