Bugatti Altess Concept

New Designers 7 Jul 2011
Bugatti Altess Concept

The Bugatti Altess Concept is a design study of an exclusive sportscar that can be turned from a GT into a racetrack-only open-wheels sportscar. The author is Amadou Ndiaye from Montreal.

The goal of Amadou Ndiaye was to create a successor to the Veyron that could maintain the brand’s exclusivity and racing heritage.

Bugatti Altess Concept Bugatti Altess Concept

Bugatti Altess ConceptWith the Bugatti Altess these two elements are combined in a vehicle with a dual personality.

In its standard GT configuration, the car has flowing lines that take inspiration from the Bugatti classic models – such as the Atlantic – and present typical styling cues of the brand such as the twin-tone paintwork and the split rear window.

Then, a part of the body can be detached from the car, thus revealing a racetrack-only configuration, with an open-wheel layout that pays homage to the legendary Bugatti racing cars from the past.

Bugatti Altess Concept Design Panel Bugatti Altess Concept Design Panel

About the Designer

Amadou Ndiaye is an industrial designer born in Sénégal and based in Montreal, Canada.

He studied at the Paris Strate Collège and has a Bachelor in industrial design from the Université de Montréal.

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  1. Thabang Molomo

    Its good looking in the front.:D

    (via Facebook)
  2. 'Timeshifter' Adam

    Yeah, I agree, but they totally ruined it with weird (and ugly) cabin and rear…

    (via Facebook)
  3. JordanBlake

    I think their color choice doesn’t help the design of the car, especially the rear half. In my opinion, the all white rendering does the car much more justice than the blue/white combination.


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