Volvo Concept Universe

Concept Cars 19 Apr 2011
Volvo Concept Universe

Revealed by Volvo at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show the Concept Universe is a show car that previews the next generation flagship sedan, and showcases simple lines inspired by Scandinavian design.


Volvo Concept Universe The Swedish carmaker, recently acquired by Chinese Geely, has unveiled the Concept Universe, a show car that introduces a new design language for the company.

This flagship sedan is characterized by very clean, essential surfaces, an original approach given the current trends which see most carmakers using aggressive shapes, crisp lines and complex interplays of convex and concave shapes.

This aesthetic language – defined by Volvo as “human-centric” – is influenced by the Scandinavian design heritage, as well as by a number of the brand’s past models.

Volvo Concept UniverseAmong the main elements are the coupé-like roofline and an original front end where the headlights and the grille showcase a design made of concentric shapes.

“The Concept Universe has been designed to spark a subconscious desire and a feeling of eternal beauty.

“It moves towards the future with its coupe-like roofline and contemporary, solid rear, but it also echoes Volvo’s proud heritage by borrowing design cues from classic models of the past.

The interior of the Universe echoes the simplicity of the exterior.

Volvo Concept Universe Interior It is driver-orientated in the front and comfortably relaxed in the rear – a dualism underlined by the contrast between the dark grey of the front seats and the light tones of rear section, where the surfaces mould into the seats, becoming part of the seating environment.

A distinctive element is the floating center tunnel that runs across the entire cabin, integrating the gear shift, the front armrest and a rear LCD touch screen.

Volvo Concept Universe Interior The wood-finished surfaces of the dashboard and the door panels run uninterrupted by buttons or air vents.

All the controls are integrated in the large LCD touch screens or hidden in the polished inserts that run along the doors, and that feature a Scandinavian-inspired geometric pattern.

The Volvo Concept Universefloral decor on the steering wheel and the gear shift could be sen as a homage to the

The Universe was created to compete in the premium segment and in the global market, with a particular attention to Chinese customers.

As Vice President Design Peter Horbury explains, “Just like fine luxury goods, this design feels handcrafted and durable enough to stand the test of time.”

Below we report a set of official videos that show the Concept Universe in motion and document the development process of the concept.

Image Gallery

Volvo Concept Universe - Image 12
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 11
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 25
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 3
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 18
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 21
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 2
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 20
Volvo Concept Universe - Image 10

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  1. 'Timeshifter' Adam

    Some serious drawbacks to old Volvo’s especially in front. But I think it could be done better. Anyway, overal design is pretty good, I think. I like, how it tend to be elegant over powerfull.

    (via Facebook)
  2. Janne Leppänen

    going backward?

    (via Facebook)
  3. Avtomat

    Wow, I’m flabbergastedby the details on this car. Also – amazing front end, harking back to the best Volvos of the past, but with a really minimalistic feel to it. Still – the back is too “nouvelle jaguar” for me, too muscular. A more minimalistic one to compliment the front would be welcome.

  4. mrcina

    Agree with Avtomat – but i must say that interior design shocked me – one of the best i ever saw

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