Vintage videos: Yesterday’s Cars of Tomorrow

Automotive Design 9 Mar 2011
Vintage videos: Yesterday’s Cars of Tomorrow

Two vintage videos from the late 1940s and mid 1960s that show a group of “futuristic” cars and document the development design process of the time.

(cover image: 1948 Concept Car Design by Virgil Exner – source: Dean’s Garage)

The clip below, from the “Popular Science Historic Film Series”, is dated 1948 and shows three “futuristic” car of the time.

The first one is the Davis Three-Wheeler, first introduced in 1947 by Glenn Gordon “Gary” Davis.

1948 Tasco ConceptThe second is an unknown prototype with an airplane-inspired aluminum body.

The third vehicle is the Tasco (The American Sportscar Company) created in 1948 by Gordon Buehrig.

The car had fiberglass steerable front fenders and is currently on display at the Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.

For additional information on the Tasco you can read the discussion following the article posted by Dean’s Garage.

Jumping forward about 15 years, the video below is a promotional film titled “Styling and the Experimental Car”, published by Ford in mid-1960s to showcase some of its concept cars and the development of the new Mustang.

The full length video can be downloaded from

(Source:, Dean’s Garage, Retro Thing via

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