Renault R-Space Concept

Concept Cars 8 Mar 2011
Renault R-Space Concept

Unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Renault R-Space MPV Concept evolves the design language introduced with the DeZir Concept and proposes an original interior inspired by modern furniture design.

Renault R-Space ConceptThe R-Space concept expresses Renault’s new philosophy in the compact MPV segment.

Measuring 4.25 meters in length, the R-Space has a flowing design with soft, smooth surfaces inspired by the human body – already seen in the DeZir Concept and the 2011 Captur Concept.

The one-box layout is combined with dynamic rear and front end sections, while the profile is characterized by the tapered side windows.

Renault R-Space Concept Renault R-Space Concept Interior

The cabin has an original design inspired by modern interiors. The rear space is made of leather hexahedrons that can be adjusted in height thanks to an array of electric motors, with four programmed settings: from an all-flat surface, to a booster seat, a table or a random configuration (only when the vehicle is parked) for children’s games.

Renault R-Space Concept Interior Rendering Renault R-Space Concept Interior Design Sketch

Renault R-Space Concept InteriorThe importance of the interior space is also underlined by the large doors, with rear-hinged back doors and no B-pillars, and by the panoramic glass roof which has a graphic design that continues the squares and cubes-inspired theme.

The R-Space is powered by a downsized 3 cylinder 0.9 liter engine capable of 110 hp and an average fuel consumption of 28.6 km/l and 95 g/km CO2 emissions.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

“Renault R-Space Concept brings together qualities long considered opposed: family, functionality, sportiness and sensuality,” explains Axel Breun, Director of Design for Concept and Show Cars. “It answers the expectations of a large slice of our modern society.”

The tapered profile of the side windows emphasizes the dynamic profile, while the large windscreen and panoramic roof – the thickness of which gradually changes – transform the passenger compartment into a cosy cocoon of shade.

The nose of Renault R-Space Concept adapts the new visual identity (centered on the large, vertically-oriented Renault lozenge) to the proportions of an MPV. The body panels are shaped as sculptured volumes, meaning that the eye is drawn much more to reflections and the play of the light than to the lines themselves.

The body design uses strong forms inspired by the human body. “With R-Space, it was the pent-up energy in tensed muscles that inspired me,” reveals Fabrice Pouille, exterior designer. “I wanted to make people feel the urge to caress the body, to make it sensuous – despite the fact that this is an MPV aimed at families.”

Renault’s strategic sequence of concept car designs brings with it a parallel progression in their colours: starting with the passionate red of DeZir, future concept cars will follow the sequence of the chromatic circle. Coming after the orange employed for Captur, Renault R-Space Concept is clad in honey-gold bodywork.

Interior Design

The theme being that of the family, it was the image of the family Sunday breakfast that provided the inspiration for Renault R-Space Concept’s colours and materials.

“The tenderness and warmth of these shared moments find their expression in tones that are hot and ‘sweet’: the white of the milk, the golden shades of the honey, the brown of the chocolate,” explains Laurence Widmer, Head of Colours and Materials on the R-Space concept car. The theme of softness and sweetness is also mirrored in the choice of materials – including suede – which are lush to look at and pleasing to the touch.

Interior designer Alexandre Gommier explains: “To reinterpret this idea in a modern context, we provided a strong visual and functional contrast between the driver environment, where the focus is on driving pleasure, and a surprising and highly-original rear section conceived as a play space for children.”

The scene comes to view as soon as you open the double doors which, unobstructed by any central pillar, give clear access to a spectacular interior designed to trigger strong emotions from the very first glance.

In terms of interior design, the family likeness to the DeZir concept car is clearly visible at the front in the forms of the dashboard and seats. The driver enjoys a cockpit-like environment, with a section of the seemingly floating dashboard being specifically dedicated to driving functions. The interlinking movement suggested by the shaping of the front seat backrests is a return to the idea of a couple in love.

At the rear, the world revolves around children. This is a play space, flexible and infinitely versatile, and formed from a simple and universal shape – the cube.

Twenty-seven miniature motors power an array of height-adjustable hexahedrons, allowing four settings to be programmed, from an all-flat surface, to a booster seat, a table or a random configuration (only when the vehicle is parked) for children’s games.

The cube is a consistent theme in furniture design but not something one expects to come across in the world of cars: in Renault R-Space Concept’s cabin, however, it is very much in evidence – to the extent of even forming the covering for the floor and door casings.

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  1. 9/3/2011

    Simply brilliant! I have now fallen in love with Renault. The interior concept is certainly extraordinary and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what Renault unveil next!


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