Ford B-MAX Concept

Concept Cars 3 Mar 2011
Ford B-MAX Concept

The Ford B-MAX Concept is a production-ready show car that previews the upcoming compact MPV model. Among the features are the door concept with no B-pillars and the exterior design based on the “Kinetic” language.

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Ford has unveiled the B-MAX Concept, a B-segment MPV based on an extended version of the Fiesta‘s platform.

Ford B-MAX Exterior Ford B-MAX Exterior

Ford B-MAX Exterior One of the distinctive features is the innovative door concept: there are no fixed B-pillars: they are integrated in the doors – front conventional doors and rear sliding doors – thus allowing easy access to the cabin while maintaining the required strength and stiffness once the car is closed.

The exterior design develops the vision of the 2009 iosis MAX concept study, and extends Ford’s kinetic design themes to a new format

At slightly more than 4 meters in length, the B-MAX is just 11 cm longer than the five-door Fiesta, and is 32 cm shorter than the new C-MAX.

The B-MAX show car is powered by a downsized powertrain with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline engine and Auto-Start-Stop.

Ford B-MAX Interior Ford B-MAX Interior

According to Ford, the B-MAX Concept is ready for production.

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  1. Mohamed

    If we replaced the FORD logo by the HYUNDAI’s, I think that will stop the feeling I have (and I think most of people do as me) that the design of the car is not original and just coping, as it’s matching the fluid design language of HYUNDAI more than anything at FORD.

    We can see that in everything especially (front grill which take the distictive shape of hyundai’s models, front fog light space, front and tail lights, the up down line on the side of the car, even the complex design of the back which used to be find in korean cars.

    Also, the sliding back door’s are not originally invinted by FORD today, as it had been used before by many brands including FORD itself, but the diffirence here is that these door are not intelligent doors as they reduce the space of getting in and out for the back seat’s passengers.

    • Timeshifter

      You are absolutely right! The latest design works by Ford are worse than anything before…
      This design looks totally like Hyundai (and I think that Hyundai has ugly cars)…

  2. JordanB2710

    Have to seriously disagree. Kinetic design debuted on the European Mondeo which is about 8yrs old which pre dates any fluidic design production version of Hyundai’s in Europe. If you saw the European Fusion which this will replace I doubt you’d be saying it looks worst.


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