Batmobile Design Competition

Batmobile Design Competition

Car Design Fetish website is hosting its first design contest, that asks participants to submit new ideas for a Batmobile concept car. The submission deadline is March 14th 2011.

Car Design Fetish has launched a design competition centered around the Batmobile. Participants are asked to create a quick sketch/rendering – in less than two hours – that shows a new, creative idea for this iconic vehicle.

The projects will be selected based on originality, coolness and sketching basics by the CDF Team and guest judge Dwayne Vance.

The winner will receive copies of Batman graphic novels Cacophany by Kevin Smith and Year One by Frank Miller.

Batmobile sketch by Danny Gardner Batmobile Evolution
Batmobile Speedpainting by Danny Gardner The Batmobile Evolution (full picture at

For reference and inspiration, we suggest you to check the Illustrated History of the Batmobile and the Batmobile-inspired artworks by concept artist Danny Gardner.

For more information on the contest visit Car Design Fetish.

Image Gallery

Batmobile Design Competition - Image 2
Batmobile Design Competition - Image 3
Batmobile Design Competition - Image 1

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