EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept

Concept Cars 4 Feb 2011
EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show EDAG will present the Light Car Sharing Concept, an electric versatile urban vehicle designed to be used in an innovative vehicle-sharing system.

The Light Car Sharing concept is the core of a new mobility solution that will be presented by EDAG at the next Geneva Show.

EDAG Light Car SharingThe electriccaly-powered car can be rented in a modern and flexible vehicle sharing system where customers are charged only for the effective duration of their trips.

According to EDAG this can solve the problem of high costs for electric cars providing an affordable alternative to the public.

The electric drive system adopts a battery pack located in the sandwich floor. The range is 100 km and the top speed is limited to 100 km/h.

Among the original features of the car are the large illuminated surfaces on its plastic body, which can be used to communicate with the outside environment.

EDAG Light Car SharingIn this case, this system is used to indicate the car’s status – busy, available or reserved – and to give details of its present range.

The panels can also be used to display advertising messages.

The body parts are made of fibre composites and plastic parts, and are designed to to last for longer than 10 years.

Designed to be a standardized product, the EDAG Light Car Sharing is robust and easy to clean, and its body parts are easily changeable.

The interior surfaces and seating modules that can be assembled and disassembled using just a few screws.

EDAG Light Car SharingThe two side doors have simple sliding windows while the large rear door provides an additional entry.

The car can transport up to six passengers, thanks to the six folding seats, arranged back-to-back in two rows of three.

Entering the cabin is very easy thanks to the generous height of 1.9 meters.

This seating position is on the same level as the B-pillar, and also has structural properties, and at the same time it is lighter than conventional, individual seats.

The cabin incorporates only the basic functions: the accelerator, brake, steering wheel and a lever to operate the indicators.

A display gives basic information such as speed, state of charge, range and navigation.

The heating, windscreen wipers and lights of the car are automatically operated and controlled by sensors.

Internet access as well as other features can be booked as optional extras.

(Source: EDAG)

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