E-3POD Antistatic Concept wins Citroën-sponsored RCA’s project

E-3POD Antistatic Concept wins Citroën-sponsored RCA’s project

Designed by Heikki Juvonen, the Citroën E-3POD Antistatic is a design study of an electric three-wheeler urban commuter. It was selected as the best design in the RCA’s Double Challenge project.

Heikki Juvonen’s E-3POD Antistatic was chosen as the best overall design by representatives from Citroën’s Style Centre and Electric Vehicle Development Team.

Citroen E 3POD Antistatic ConceptThe ultra-light, micro segment, single-seater is not meant to replace cars, but to be an addition to the family transportation fleet, positioned between bikes and cars.

The distinctive, aerodynamic styling features two smaller wheels at the front with the driver sitting inside a larger third wheel with an innovative hub-less design.

The distinctive look of the electric design language is applied to distinguish the product from being associated to cars, for the avoidance of comparison in terms of operational range or refuelling/recharging time.

Citroen E 3POD Antistatic ConceptThe E-3POD has a simplified, lightweight construction with an emphasis on aerodynamics to minimize the required battery size.

This lowers the production costs, making the E-3POD affordable for purchase in addition to the family car – and a potential means of commuting for young people and students.

The lowered weight is emphasized in design elements such as the rear wheel, which works as a supportive structural element, the shared suspension for both front wheels, and the use of scratch resistant plastic for the canopy.

The silent electric engines also make sound insulation redundant, allowing for lighter material selection.

The E-3POD provides the user with easy, cost efficient transport with access to easier parking due to the small footprint. The design also provides comfortable and isolated personal space, which – when compared to bicycles or public transport – is a welcome addition. The short length of the vehicle makes it agile in urban environments.

Citroen E 3POD Antistatic Concept At higher speeds the E-3POD tilts slightly to provide solid grip and an emphasised stance, giving cornering a more responsive feel.

Heikki commented; “I’m thrilled Citroën selected my design as their favourite and I can’t wait to work with their talented team in France. As a designer I strive for new and better solutions. Good and sustainable design not only improves manufacturer brand image and sales, but can also help to preserve our environment.”

As his prize, Heikki receives a six month employment contract to work at the prestigious PSA Design Centre in Paris.

RCA’s Double Challenge Project

A series of visionary designs in a Citroën sponsored project have been unveiled at the Royal College of Art’s Interim Degree Show in London.

The Double Challenge project required RCA MA second year students to design a compelling ultra-compact model that could establish a unique Citroën e-vehicle aesthetic for the future.

The project was jointly sponsored by Citroën and EXA, a France-based aerodynamic simulation software company.

Citroën provided industry figures and organized a trip to the PSA Design Centre and Le Conservatoire, Citroën’s in-house museum of historic models.

Philippe Holland, Responsable Style Graphique at Citroën, said; “We’re delighted to be involved in this important RCA project. The students have produced some truly exceptional ideas for the future design of electric Citroën vehicles.

“This type of powertrain is increasingly recognised as an important solution for economically and environmentally viable urban transport; so it’s fantastic to see the electric visions of these potential car designers of tomorrow.”

(Source: Citroën)

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E-3POD Antistatic Concept wins Citroën-sponsored RCA's project - Image 1

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    This is nice, but reminds me so much of the “trio ultra” here:


  2. 9/2/2011

    Nice, but the driver can’t see the road…
    I create velomobiles in my free time. Come hand have a look.
    I think they are more realistic than this one.


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