Mitsubishi Concept CS

New Designers 11 Jan 2011
Mitsubishi Concept CS

The Mitsubishi Concept CS is a design study of a future-generation Colt, that combines elements inspired by the brand’spast models with the current jet-fighter design language. The author is Gábor Farkas.

As independent designer Gábor Farkas explains, “when designing the Concept CS, the main goal was to summon the spirit of the ancestors.”

Mitsubishi Concept CS by Gabor Farkas Mitsubishi Concept CS by Gabor Farkas

“The body design concept revives the Colt CA (92-96) with a touch of C50 (88-92) at the front,
wrapped in Mitsubishi’s new jet-fighter design language.”

Mitsubishi Concept CS by Gabor Farkas Mitsubishi Concept CS Interior

The interior share some design elements with the Outlander Sport/ASX/RVR.

The CS name belongs to the ‘classic’ Colt range: CA, CJ, CS (there are 9 characters between each C-postfix letters).

About the Designer

Gábor Farkas is a 30-years old amateur designer from Budapest, Hungary.

He works for an advertising agency and is an “enthusiastic Mitsubishi fan” and owner of a Mitsubishi Colt CA.

Contact Details:

(Image Courtesy: Gábor Farkas)

Image Gallery

Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 12
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 6
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 14
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 18
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 8
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 3
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 11
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 2
Mitsubishi Concept CS - Image 13

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