Hyundai Curb Concept preview

Concept Cars 10 Jan 2011
Hyundai Curb Concept preview

At the 2011 Detroit Motor Show Hyundai will unveil the HCD-12 Curb concept, a midsize crossover with a sporty and muscular exterior and a futuristic hi-tech interior.

Hyundai has released two design sketches that preview the official debut of the HCD-12 Curb Concept, that will take place at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

Hyundai Curb Concept Interior Design SketchThe design study showcases a bold, sporty look, with proportions and dimensions that position it in the same market segment as the Nissan Juke.

The exterior is characterized by the high waist-line, muscular wheel-arches, small-sized rear doors and an blade-shaped side character line.

The interior is more concept-like, with hi-tech, complex surfaces, slim seats and a large touch-panel. The interior sketch released by Hyundai also shows a number of backlit touch integrated controls, including those on the door panels and the seat headrests.

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