Nissan iV Concept

Concept Cars 5 Nov 2010
Nissan iV Concept

Created by Nissan Design America for the 2010 LA Design Challenge, the Nissan iV Concept is a super-lightweight sports tourer with an electric powertrain conceived as an evolution of the LEAF model for the year 2035.

Nissan iV Concept

Nissan iV is a high-performance EV inspired by nature’s beauty. This super-lightweight sports tourer features “organic synthetics” a revolutionary manufacturing technique in which automotive parts are cultivated like agriculture in a 100% sustainable, carbon-neutral process.

Every detail is engineered toward renewable, lightweight strength and maximum efficiency.

Featuring an interwoven organic frame, the chassis material is synthetically grown and formed into an aerodynamic shape.

Nissan iV ConceptDerived from fast-growing ivy and re-enforced with spider silk composite, the biopolymer frame is flexible and ultra-light, yet extremely robust.

The panoramic cabin seats four adults and is constructed from an innovative photovoltaic material that weighs 99% less than traditional glass.

Nissan iV ConceptWhile the canopy collects solar energy, it also provides protective safety and open-air views of the outdoors.

Underneath it all, a slim bio-battery provides stability and a near limit-less range made possible by regenerative super-capacitor technology that recoups 60% of kinetic energy spent.

Nissan’s patented concentric hub-less in-wheel motors not only propel iV, they do triple-duty by functioning as the vehicle’s steering as well as its suspension system, via magnetic levitation and propulsion.

Nissan iV ConceptConcentric magnetic rings amplify rotation with each outer ring to boost high-speed performance and provide independent wheel control for ultimate handling and maneuverability.

Inspired by schools of fish and their fluid movement, Nissan’s pro-active Safety Shield™ renders collisions a thing of the past and reduces weight by eliminating the need for heavy structures (bumpers, beams, airbags, etc.).

Design Team

  • Alfonso Albaisa
  • Yoshihisa Akiyama
  • John Cupit
  • Robert Bauer
  • Randy Rodriguez
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Ken Lee
  • Hirohisa Ono
  • Hiren Patel
  • Steve Moneypenny
  • James Cronin
  • Matt Wilson
  • Ann Ngo

(Source: LA Auto Show)

Image Gallery

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Nissan iV Concept - Image 2
Nissan iV Concept - Image 10
Nissan iV Concept - Image 4
Nissan iV Concept - Image 1
Nissan iV Concept - Image 6

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