Mazda MX-0 Concept

Concept Cars 26 Oct 2010
Mazda MX-0 Concept

Mazda’s entry for the 2010 LA Design Challenge is the MX-0 (Zero) Concept, a two-seater futuristic sportscar focused on extreme weight savings, achieved through the use of new materials and fewer integrated parts.

Conceived by Mazda Design Americas as a virtual successor of the MX-5 Miata, the MX-0 is a futuristic evolution of the roadster which brings to the extremes the “lightweight” design approach.

Mazda MX-0 Concept Mazda MX-0 Concept

The car is the result of a systematic process of reduction and consolidation of components, combined with the adoption of new advanced materials like sustainable, inexpensive composites. The powertrain features electric motors.

Mazda MX-0 Concept“Aimed at the global market of 2020, and with projected volume of 500,000 units annually, the MX-0 would have positive effects on the world’s environment and economy by way of less energy consumption and minimized use of raw materials.”

Design Team:

  • Derek Jenkins
  • Tim Brown
  • Minyong Lee
  • Carlos Salaff
  • Jacques Flynn
  • Greg Lee
  • Paul Muzio
  • Dave Coleman
  • Julien Montousse

(Source: LA Auto Show)

Image Gallery

Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 1
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 7
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 2
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 3
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 4
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 6
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 8
Mazda MX-0 Concept - Image 5

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