Maybach DRS Concept

Concept Cars 26 Oct 2010
Maybach DRS Concept

At the 2010 LA Design Challenge Maybach has presented the DRS Concept, a futuristic electric version of the traditional human powered rickshaw. The two-wheeler vehicle has large wheels with self-balancing system and an organic structure.

Maybach DRS ConceptThe Maybach DRS “Den-Riki-Sha” (electric powered rickshaw) is inspired by thetraditional values of the classic “Jin-Riki-Sha” (human powered rickshaw), which originated in 1870 in Tokyo.

The concept was developed by Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center in Japan and presented at the Design Challenge at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

In the designers’ vision the car is produced from a coded DNA-cocoon, in a complex organic metamorphosis, hence the name NMV (Naturally Manufactured Vehicle).

The Maybach DRS is powered by a self balancing electric drive unit and controlled by an onboard computer that is plugged into the city’s transport infrastructure.

Maybach DRS Concept Maybach DRS Concept
To extend its range, this human-electric hybrid allows pedaling power to be supplemented by the driver.

Design team:

  • Holger Hutzenlaub
  • Hiroshi Yajimar
  • Hideki Takahashi
  • Yong Won Lee
  • Toru Nakano
  • Teck-Koun Kim
  • Masahide Yamada
  • Daniel Schlapp

(Source: LA Auto Show)

Image Gallery

Maybach DRS Concept - Image 5
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 2
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 8
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 1
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 4
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 7
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 6
Maybach DRS Concept - Image 3

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