Cadillac Aera Concept

Concept Cars 22 Oct 2010
Cadillac Aera Concept

Presented at the 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge, the Cadillac Aera Concept is a futuristic 2+2 luxury tourer with a 3D lattice frame structure and a pneumatic drive system running on compressed air.

Cadillac Aera ConceptThe Cadillac Aera (Aero + Era) launches Cadillac’s philosophy of “Art and Science” into new territory by taking an innovative and stylistic approach to ultra-light weight vehicle design.

It was designed by California-based General Motors Advanced Design Studio for the Design Challenge hosted at the 2010 LA Auto Show.

Aera is a 1,000 lb, 2+2 touring coupe, with a range of 1,000 miles and an advanced body structure based on a 3D lattice, mono-formed frame.

This polyhedral structure is inspired by similar configurations found in nature, for example inside the grouping of bubbles.

Cadillac Aera Concept Cadillac Aera Concept

The structure is formed from unique, alloy semi-solid freeform manufacturing, which creates a naturally strong, extremely lightweight frame.

Cadillac Aera ConceptAll major body parts, including interior components, are “grown” into a single part lattice structure.

The powertrain features an efficient Pneumatic Drive System (PDS) that uses compressed air, stored in a 10,000 psi composite air tank.

The passive safety of the vehicle is enhanced by flexible, pressurized air cells integrated in the exterior skin, similarly to materials developed for the NASA Mars Rover airbags.

The flexible polymer skin optimizes aerodynamics and functions as an ultra-lightweight alternative to conventional body panels and glass.

Additional technologies include an All-In-One (AIO) wheel system, combining rotary actuator propulsion, steering and suspension functions. A drive by wireless system decreases the mass of electrical components. Vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) promotes active safety.

“The Cadillac Aera embodies a stylistic, lightweight, minimalist approach to long distance luxury touring.”

Design Team

  • Frank Saucedo – Director
  • Phil Tanioka – Project Manager
  • Jussi Timonen – Vehicle Designer
  • Brent Wickham – Concept Strategist
  • Shawn Moghadam – Layout Designer

Image Gallery

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Cadillac Aera Concept - Image 1
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Cadillac Aera Concept - Image 4
Cadillac Aera Concept - Image 5
Cadillac Aera Concept - Image 3
Cadillac Aera Concept - Image 2

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