Resistance Spot Weldability of High Strength Steel (HSS) Sheets for Automobiles

Resistance spot welding technologies of high strength steel (HSS) sheets were investigated in order to get high reliability in welded-joints of automobile components. Suitable welding current range shifted to lower currant side by the effect of electric resistance increase of steel sheet and the width of this range was affected by electrode force. Vickers hardness […]

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Characteristics of Fatigue Fractures in Al-Si Cast Components

A well-established knowledge of the fractographic characteristics of cast alloys is required to perform fracture analysis of failed components and to determine their fracture mechanisms. These analyses contribute to the continuous improvement of the production process and product design. This paper presents typical macrofractographic and microfractographic aspects of fatigue failures of cast aluminum components. As […]

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Manufacturing of Magnesium Structures Selectively Reinforced by MMC Inserts

Structural Parts for Transportation Systems made from Aluminium

Le nuove leghe di alluminio per stampi ed i nuovi servizi

Steering toward aluminum Trends in the automotive industry

Steering toward aluminum Trends in the automotive industry

Lighter Steel Closure Panels for Cars

Potential Automotive Uses of Wrought Magnesium Alloys

Aluminum Alloy Selection

Heat Treatable Aluminum Alloys

The term “heat treating” for aluminum alloys is frequently restricted to the specific operations employed to increase strength and hardness of the precipitation-hardenable wrought and cast alloys. These usually are referred to as the “heat-treatable” allo

Advanced steel solutions for Automotive lightweighting

Advanced steel solutions for Automotive lightweighting

Aluminum Foam Technology applied to Automotive Design

Aluminum Foam FAQ’s

Component Testing and Materials Properties of Ductile Iron Brake Anchors

UltraLight Steel Auto Projects

UltraLight Steel Auto Projects – Materials Update Materials Update

Aluminium Car Body Sheet: Alloys and Surface Pretreatments as System Solution

Mitsubishi Concepts “i” (aluminum Space Frame) and “SE·RO” (aluminum body panels)

Tokyo, October 15, 2003 – To a “Do cars excite you ?” theme, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will be showing a number of concept cars, new-generation engine family and other technology, rally machines and current production models as it explores a new emotional relationship between man and machine at the 37 th Tokyo Motor Show. […]


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