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Peter Stevens on the importance of clay models

Peter Stevens on the importance of clay models

Is purely digital modeling the future for the car industry or is the full-size clay model still the best design tool? Traditionally sculptors would use modeling plastcine for making small models or ‘maquettes’ before starting to carve in marble. Carving in stone requires great skill because, not surprisingly, once cut from the block, material cannot […]

How to: Clay model in Car Design

How to: Clay model in Car Design

In car Design schools there is a course of model making which is very important to complete our car design educational course. To be able to model with our hands our own design is the best thing we could do to learn about car design. In design studios there are several designers (not too many) […]

The World of Clay Modelers

The World of Clay Modelers

Clay models are a miniature model made from industrial clay. They are a way to transform a sketch drawn by a car designer into a three-dimensional object so it can be studied and reviewed. The process of designing cars starts with over a hundred of sketches. As ideas are refined, those sketches are narrowed down […]

Using Clay with CAD Applications

Industrial Design – A Practical Guide

Clay Pattern Styling and Rigid Surface Casting In Today’s Composite Industry


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