My Short, Happy Career in Car Design

by: Ezra Dyer Added on 12 April 2010 | 800 views
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My Short, Happy Career in Car Design
The New York Times, 8 April 2010.


It’s great to be a critic. Critics – of movies, politics, football, automobiles, etc. – are allowed to pass judgment without putting their own intellectual capital on the line.

For instance, if I complain that BMW’s original iDrive interface was designed for superintelligent extraterrestrials with dual sets of eyeballs, well, it’s not as if I had any say in its creation. I’m just rendering an opinion at the long end of a process I had nothing to do with.

I’m sure many car designers, movie directors and offensive coordinators have read a harsh column and said, “O.K., genius, let’s see you try this.”

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