Optimization of a Tube Hydroforming Process

by: Nader Abedrabbo, Naeem Zafar, Ron Averill, Farhang Pourboghrat (Michigan State University) and Ranny Sidhu (Red Cedar Technology) Added on 5 March 2005 | 807 views
Year: 2005 | Document Type: PAPER | File Format: pdf | Language: uk
Optimization of a Tube Hydroforming Process


An approach is presented to optimize a tube hydroforming process using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) search method. The goal of the study is to maximize formability by identifying the optimal internal hydraulic pressure and feed rate while satisfying the forming limit diagram (FLD).

The optimization software HEEDS is used in combination with the nonlinear structural finite element code LS-DYNA to carry out the investigation.

In particular, a sub-region of a circular tube blank is formed into a square die. Compared to the best results of a manual optimization procedure, a 55% increase in expansion was achieved when using the pressure and feed profiles identified by the automated optimization procedure.

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