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  • is a weblog focused on car design run by Luis Camino. In Spanish.
  • Capron Design

    The Visual Diary of Capron Design Studio website presents analysis of current designs, inspiring visuals and design study bits and pieces.
  • CarDesignFetish

    CarDesignFetish is community of designers that includes Podcasts, Message Boards, and Blogs, focused on a wide varity of auto and design related topics.
  • is a website aimed at showcasing and promoting students and professionals’ car design concepts. Includes articles and tutorials sections.
  • Driven Mavens

    Founded by Arvind Ramkrishna, Driven Mavens is a collection of Designers and Engineers who share their knowledge about the world of automotive design and illustration. It includes online tutorials, resources and discussions on styling trends in the automotive industry.
  • Luciano Bove

    A weblog about car design and industrial design run by designer Luciano Bove. Check also his Facebook page.
  • Motosketches

    Motosketches is a blog created by motorcycle designer Oberdan Bezzi which presents his own original projects with design renderings and textual descriptions (in Italian).
  • Scrambled

    A new weblog run by Edward Stubbs, a Master in Automotive Design student at Coventry University. He describes some of the day-to-day process involved in designing a car.
  • Velomobiles, Velos et Design

    Vélomobiles, vélos et design is a blog about velomobiles (HPV, human powered vehicles). In French.
  • waldezign’s area

    The personal blog of French automotive designer Fabien Delwal with sketches, concepts and tutorials.

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