Lotus Esira Concept

New Designers 19 Jul 2010
Lotus Esira Concept

Focused on lightness and agility, the Lotus Esira Concept is a design study of a futuristic sportscar with a fabric body wrapped around a tubular frame. It was designed by Jack Lamburn, a graduate from Northumbria University.

For his project at Northumbria University, design student Jack Lamburn has taken inspiration from Lotus’ commitment to innovation, lightness and agility.

Lotus Esira Design Sketches Lotus Esira Design SketchesThe result is the Lotus Esira, a two-seater sportscar designed for the year 2025 which features an impact-absorbing fabric body wrapped around a tubular frame.

Lotus Esira Concept Model Lotus Esira Concept ModelThe hydrogen fuel cell powertrain adopts two asynchronous electric motors which transmit the power to the rear wheels and lower the center of gravity, increasing the car’s agility.

Lotus Esira Concept RenderingWheel hugging profiles contribute to a minimal aerodynamic resistance.

The fabric bodywork is made up of two new materials, ‘d3o’ and ‘metal rubber.’ The ‘d30’ is a high impact absorbing material that will protect the vehicle’s occupants in the event of an accident.

The second layer, ‘metal rubber,’ can stretch like rubber so the body can react to the movement of the wheels and suspension but it can also conduct electricity so that its surfaces can be controlled by an on-board computer.

Lotus Esira Technical Detail Lotus Esira Technical Detail Lotus Esira Technical Detail

The interior capsule is made using a sandwich construction of carbon fibre and a honeycomb structure, a Formula One-derived technology that combines lightness and strength.

Lotus Esira Concept ModelLotus Esira Concept Model Lotus Esira Concept Model The design process from sketch to model is documented at www.jacklamburn.tumblr.com.

Lotus Esira Design SketchesLotus Esira Interior DesignAbout the Designer

Jack Lamburn has graduated from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

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(Image Courtesy: Jack Lamburn)

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