RX00047 Concept

New Designers 17 Jun 2010
RX00047 Concept

The RX00047 Concept is a futuristic single-seater sportscar inspired by the racing cars of the 1930s. It features an eco-friendly powertrain with hydrogen fuel cells. The author is Ukrainian Islyamov Pavel.

This project by Ukrainian Islyamov Pavel dubbed "RX00047" is a futuristic concept cars that takes inspiration from the racing cars of the 1930s and the "Eliminator" album by ZZ Top .

RX00047 ConceptRX00047 ConceptThe RX00047 features a single-seater layout, with open-wheels and exposed suspension arms. The long front-engine compartment, the relatively narrow tires and the color scheme offer a visual reminescence of the racetrack-cars of the past, in particular of the Auto Unions.

RX00047 Concept RX00047 Concept

To offer some eco-friendly features, the theorethical powertrain makes use ofg hydrogen fuel cells.

RX00047 Concept RX00047 Concept

About the Designer

Islyamov Pavel is a 21 years old designer from Ukraine.

Design Sketch by Islyamov Pavel Design Sketch by Islyamov Pavel

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