Lamborghini Navarra Concept

New Designers 4 Jun 2010
Lamborghini Navarra Concept

The Lamborghini Navarra Concept is a design study of a possible Lamborghini flagship V12-powered supercar. The design features overlapping surfaces and organic shapes inspired by classic sculpture. The author is designer Adam Denning.

The Lamborghini Navarra Concept is a design study of a possible evolution for the current Murcielago model.

Rather than using the current formal languages made of sharp edges and stealth-like surfaces, designer Adam Denning wanted to bring the brand’s flagship model into a new generation while mainaining Lamborghini’s image.

Lamborghini Navarra Concept Lamborghini Navarra ConceptAs he explains, "I tried to imagine all the V12 flagships of the brand from the Miura to the Murcielago, and then create a car that would look like it not only belonged in this group, but that it was the result of these cars as well.

Lamborghini Navarra Concept Lamborghini Navarra Concept"I was very inspired by Michelangelo’s La Pietà. The way Mary’s garments flow down and fold over each other was the main inspiration for the Navarra’s overlapping surfaces and organic shapes."

Lamborghini Navarra Concept Lamborghini Navarra ConceptThe dimensions of the car are very similar to the Murcielago. It’s overall length is only 2cm shorter, but the wheel base is longer, thus creating short overhangs.

Lmborghini Navarra Concept SketchThe engine would be a all new V12 between 650 and 700 bhp. The car would be based on a a carbon-fiber frame, with all-carbon fiber panels.

About the Designer

Adam Denning is an American designer with a masters diploma in Automotive Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy (in collaboration with Alfa Romeo) 2007-2008.

He has been working as a designer for Lockheed Martin USA for 1.5 years.

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(Image Courtesy: Adam Denning)

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