MG Project X120

Automotive Design 22 Mar 2010
MG Project X120

Auto Express and Austin Rover Online have revealed images and details on the X120 project, with which MG was planning three new models: a new Midget, a TF replacement and a coupé. The development was frozen in 2005 when the company went into administration.

MG TF Design SketchIn 2005 MG was planning three mid-engined sporty models based on the MG TF platform.

Some secret images and details about the so-called X120 Project have been revealed by Auto Express and Austin Rover Online, thanks to Lee Mitchell, the main designer of these cars.

The first model was the TF replacement, which compared to its predecessor was targeted to a higher segment – the same as the Porsche Boxter.

It had a longer wheelbase and a design characterized by the brand’s family styling. The engines variants were a 1.6 and a 1.8 liter.

The second model was a new Midget, an entry-level sportscar with compact dimensions and bold styling, that should have compete in the same market segment as the Miata/MX-5 and the Smart Roadster. The engines were to be a 1.4 and a 1-6 liter unit.

MG Midget Design SketchMG Midget Design SketchMG Midget Design Sketch MG Midget Design Sketch

The third model was a coupé that never entered the develment stage. It as the most expensive model and thankks to its larger dimensions and the 2.5 liter V6 engine had to compete against the Audi TT.

MG Coupe Design Sketch MG Coupe Design Sketch

MG TF Design SketchAll the projects were frozen in April 2005, when MG went into administration.

According to Lee Mitchell, "the three cars would have retained the TF’s poor driving position.

"The X120 was limited to a budget of £50m, and a mere nine designers were assigned to the programme at Longbridge’s Product Development Centre."

For more information read the article on Austin Rover Online.

(Source: Auto Express, Austin Rover Online via


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