E-Sphyra Concept

New Designers 5 Feb 2010
E-Sphyra Concept

E-Sphyra is a working prototype of a racing sportscar created by a team of students from the French Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology. Among the features are the electric powertrain, a weight of 800 kg and a fiberglass body.

E-sphyra is a concept created by a team of students from the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (Montbéliard, North-East of France). The aim of the project wasto develop a sports car with a modern design that would be performance-oriented and integrate new technologies.

E-Sphyra Concept Rendering E-Sphyra Concept Rendering

The electric powertrain features a rear-mounted motor which delivers a total output of 100 KW, while the total weight of just 800 kg allows to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 125W/kg.

E-Sphyra Concept - Model E-Sphyra Concept - Design TeamThe e-Sphyra was developed on three different sites which worked in sinergy thanks to a special network. The first department worked on the architecture, the second one on the electrical parts and the third one was in charge of the making of the body.

The three departments were coordinated by Thibaut Brant, who was responsible for the project.

E-Sphyra ConceptBased on the exploratory sketches, the 3D surface modeling process was carried out using Catia V5, while the surrounding environment, required for the final renderings, was created with Hypershot.

After the completion of two scale models (1:18 and 1:5), required in order to validate and finalize the shape, the master model was built from a polyethylene block.

The master was the basis for the mould in fiberglass, used to create the three parts of the final body.

The construction of the car required more than two thousand hours.

About the Designers

The two main designers, John Daretry and Cyril Prongué, are currently attending their fifth post A level year at the UTBM in the ergonomics, industrial design and mechanical engineering department.

E-Sphyra ConceptThe E-Sphyra Concept on the racetrack

Contact details:

  • Cyril Prongué: prongue.cyril@gmail.com

(Image Courtesy: UTBM, Cyril Prongué)

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