BMW logo: the true story

Automotive Design 17 Jan 2010
BMW logo: the true story

A recent report by The New York Times has revealed that the BMW reknown rounded logo was not inspired by the spinning propeller of a plane, but by the state colors of the Bavaria region. The origin of this legend was an ad from the 1920s.

BMW Logo If you are an automotive connoisseur or just an industrial design brand buff you have more than likely come across the legend of the BMW logo.

The blades of an airplane cutting through the sky, harking back to the humble roots of BMW as an airplane engine manufacture.

Well recently the New York Times toured the BMW Museum in Munich and stumbled across a heart wrenching truth.

The Automakers logo is not based on such a wonderful story. Rather the logo links its roots to the bavarian colors tied to the people and the land of its beginnings.

The link to its now widespread story is based on an advertisement that ran in the 1920’s cleverly linking the BMW logo, which was trademarked 9 years before the ad, to the spinning propeller of an aircraft powered by one of its motors.

As the saying goes, when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.  I am sensing a reshoot from Sir Sean Connery’s year 2000 film Finding Forester, I remember a character in the movie telling the same wonderful, now, Fairy Tale.

(Source: New York Times)


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