Citroën Eclipse Concept

New Designers 5 Sep 2009
Citroën Eclipse Concept

The Citroën Eclipse Concept is a research study of a cost efficient, eco-friendly futuristic car which uses nano technologies to absorb the infrared energy emitted from the sun after sunset. The designer is IED graduate Vladislav Domanin.

The Citroën Eclipse Concept design study is characterized by the use of innovative nano technologies that enable the car to absorb the infrared energy emitted from the sun after sunset.

Citroen Eclipse Rendering Citroen Eclipse Rendering

This approach uses a special manufacturing process to stamp tiny loops of conducting metal into a sheet of plastic.

Citroen Eclipse Concept Sketches Citroen Eclipse Concept Sketches

As Vladislav Domanin explains, "Each nanoantenna has a width of 1/25th diameter of human hair. Because of their size, the nano antenna absorbs the infrared energy outside the range visible to the human eye.

Citroen Eclipse Rendering"Some of the infrared energy radiated by the sun is soaked by the earth and later released as radiation for hours after sunset. Nanoantennas can take this energy with higher efficiency than the conventional solar cells."

The body of the car is composed of three layers of distinct sizes which arranged together form positive and negative surface inorder to absorb the maximum amount of energy both from the sun as well as from the earth.

The windscreen is embedded with transparent solar cells while the side as well as the bottom body panels are covered with plastic nano sheets.

The opening system of the car is similar to an aircraft cockpit, with doors that can retract into the body with the help of magnetic fields.

Citroen Eclipse Concept Citroen Eclipse Concept

About the Designer

Vladislav Domanin is a transportation design graduate from IED Turin, Italy.

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(Image Courtesy: Vladislav Domanin)

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