L’argus 8th Design Competition

L’argus 8th Design Competition

French magazine L’argus de l’automobile has launched its 8th European Design Competition, with the brief "Less is more: travelling in the era of simplicity". The contest is open to European design students and the submission deadline is 11 December 2009.

Link Concept Design Panel Link Concept, winner of the 7th edition

French magazine L’argus de l’automobile has launched its 8th European Design Competition, open to students attending design colleges within the European Union and Switzerland (automotive and industrial design, fine arts, architecture…).

This edition’s brief is "Less is more: travelling in the era of simplicity". To answer this question, students have to propose the simplest solution to the greatest number of needs that mobility involved in modern society.

They will have to focus on optimization of the whole chain, from design of the vehicle to its use, integrating the concept of “always less”: less useless materials, less functionalities and equipment, less energy, less wasting of time, less pollution, less environmental impact.

"After more than 50 years of uninterrupted growth in terms of performance, weight, power, size, and also price, the growth curve of the car is currently experiencing its first inflections.

Scorpion Concept The Scorpion concept, 2nd winner of the 7th edition

"This is the opportunity for students to give free rein to their imagination in designing innovative and modest vehicles."

Participants can submit their project from 1st June to 11 December 2009.

During the award ceremony that will take place on 20 January 2010 evening the winner will receive 3 000 € and an internship at the partner Design centre.

The competition is sponsored by Citroën, which already supported the 4th et 6th editions, and which will offer an internship to the winner within its Design department.


The winner will receive a sum of 3,000 €, as well as an internship within the style department of French car manufacturer Citroën.

Tube Concept Tube concept 3rd prize winner in the 7th edition

The designer of the project in 2nd place will win 1,500 € and the designer in 3rd place 500 €.

Every project short-listed for the final will be exhibited during the award ceremony on 20 January 2010.

Submitted entries must include 4 plates:

  • 1 context plate with the project explanations and the guided commentary ;
  • 1 sketch plate ;
  • 2 drawing plates, including:
    • Views from different angles (exterior, interior and focusing on certain functions) ;
    • Captions (chosen materials, labels of the interior lay out, the vehicle architecture, the ergonomic design, the dimensions, the specific functions, etc.).

About L’Argus Design Competition

307 students were registered last year and, among the prize list, the most prestigious design schools implicated in supporting the candidates: ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Créapole, Créasud Bordeaux, IUP d’Évry, Ecole de Design Nantes-Atlantique and Ecole de Condé de Lyon are some of the main contributors.

Damien Grossemy, Thibaut Dereymacker and Maxime Dimarcq, students at ISD Valencienne, won the 1st price with their project “link”.

Others European schools are increasingly involved: they represent 45% of the inscriptions in 2008 (vs 37% in 2007), particularly from Coventry School of Arts and Design, University of Northumbria and Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design.

Originally devoted to the specific segment of utility vehicles, L’argus Competition opened up in 2008 to themes related to the social use of transport, and mobility in the wider sense. The 8th edition confirms this trend, with a theme that directly reflects the current state of affairs.

(Source: L’Argus)

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