Bertone Mantide Concept

Concept Cars 21 Apr 2009
Bertone Mantide Concept

At the Shanghai Motor Show Berton has unveiled the Mantide Concept, an extreme concept car previewed as Project M and based on the Corvette ZR1. The futuristic and aerodynamic design was created by former Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota.

Bertone Mantide ConceptUnveiled as a styling model at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show, the Bertone Mantide – codenamed "Project M" – was created by a team led by Jason Castriota, who joined Stile Bertone on December 2008.

The development of the one-off was documented with a series of video episodes named "Inside Project M".

The Mantide is based on the 2009 Corvette ZR1 and features a futuristic design inspired by the aerospace and Formula One worlds.

Among the main styling elements is the interplay of convex and concave shapes and the jet-style teardrop canopy with butterfly opening doors, similar to that of th Pininfarina P4/5, a previous creation of Jason Castriota.

The design languages also pays homage to some previous cars created by the Bertone studio, including the Countach and the recent BAT 11DK Concept.

Bertone Mantide Concept Bertone Mantide Concept

The aerodynamic lines were refined through extensive testing in a full scale wind tunnel, which resulted in a drag coefficient reduced by 25% (Cd 0.298) and a 30% improvement in down force.

Bertone Mantide ConceptThe use of carbon fiber for the body panels, interior trim/seats and wheels allowed to reduce the total weight by 100kg.

The main performances are a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.2 sconds and a top speed of 351 km/h.

Many details about the development of the concept car are available in the "Inside Project M" video series.

According to the first information the working prototype will be privately unveiled on April 23rd at the Balocco near Turin and will be on public display at the Concours d’Elegance at Villa d’Este.

For additional information visit or follow the dedicated channels on Twitter and Facebook.

From the official Press Release:

Bertone Mantide Design SketchMantide has been designed and engineered in collaboration with the renowned Danisi Engineering and "aims to be the world’s greatest street legal performance car, wrapped in an iconic and radical Stile Bertone design."

Mantide’s futuristic design draws equal inspiration from modern aerospace and the world of Formula One.

The iconic theme is clear to see: a teardrop-like fuselage which tightly encases the mechanicals and the passenger cell which is embraced by two prominent wrapping aerodynamic appendages.

Bertone Mantide Design Sketch Bertone Mantide Design Sketch

"While shockingly bold and technical, Mantide’s unique design maintains a sensuality unique to Italian sports cars thanks to a futuristic interpretation of the classic Kamm Back two volume silhouette."

Bertone Mantide Model Bertone Mantide Team

The aerospace inspired design aesthetic is further characterised by innovative yet beautiful forms which are fully driven by performance: the low-slung nose, jet fighter style teardrop canopy and butterfly opening doors, as well as the numerous air inlets and exhausts for maximum air efficiency.

Bertone Mantide Design Detail Bertone Mantide Design Detail Bertone Mantide Design Detail

Bertone Mantide ConceptMantide also boasts cutting edge aerodynamic performance fine-tuned in an advanced full scale wind tunnel.

Features include a Le Mans prototype-derived flat floor and diffuser as well as "flying buttresses" which help to increase aero efficiency, guarantee a lower drag coefficient and greater levels of down force.

The final aerodynamic results are class leading, with drag reduced by 25% (Cd 0.298) and a 30% improvement in down force.

The Mantide not only delivers greater speed and stability, but also more efficiency and therefore lower fuel consumption.

The Mantide promises even greater performance than the ZR1, due to significant weight savings and its highly advanced aerodynamics.

Bertone Mantide Concept Bertone Mantide Concept

Using carbon fibre for all body panels, interior trim, seats and even the wheels, the overall vehicle weight has been reduced by 100 kilos. The result is a 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 351 kph (217mph).

Bertone Mantide Concept Bertone Mantide Concept
Bertone Mantide Concept Bertone Mantide Concept

Safety and chassis rigidity have been increased with the incorporation of an FIA regulation triangulated roll cage, light-weight carbon fibre racing seats and 4pt racing harness for track use.

Bertone Mantide At Shanghai Motor Show Bertone Mantide At Shanghai Motor Show Bertone Mantide At Shanghai Motor Show
The Mantide Concept at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show (Source: Jalopnik)

(Source: Bertone)

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