Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

Concept Cars 21 Oct 2008
Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

Designed by Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of North America, the Formula Zero luxury racer combines elements from the Formula One and Yacht Racing worlds with the track dynamics of the bobsled.

Mercedes Formula Zero PanelReminiscent of the Mercedes Benz racing heritage of the 1930’s, the Formula Zero Racer is loaded with technology designed to extract the maximum thrust from the electric hub motors, aero-efficient solar skin and high-tech rigid sail.

Each team is allocated the same amount of stored energy and it is left to the teams and drivers to manage the variables to win the race.

The winner is determined by total elapsed time combined with the energy efficiency factor.

Spectators at the Mercedes Benz Formula Zero racing Series are treated to a new dimension of racing as the transparent track is visible from all perspectives – even from below!

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of North America – Design Team

  • Alan Barrington
  • George Yoo
  • Kevin Verduyn
Mercedes Formula Zero 2 Mercedes Formula Zero 3 Mercedes Formula Zero 4

(Source: LA Auto Show)

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