GM Chaparral Volt

Concept Cars 21 Oct 2008
GM Chaparral Volt

Designed by GM Advanced Design, California, the Chaparral Volt collects and generates its own energy from three different renewable California resources: Earth, Wind and Fire to create a new racing category: the eco-triathlon.

GM Chaparral Volt Design PanelDesigned for the 2025 revival of the LA Times Grand Prix, the Chaparral Volt uses advanced EREV propulsion, energy collection, generation and management system to create an entirely new category of racing – the eco-triathlon.

The Chaparral Volt collects and generates its own energy from three different clean, renewable and abundant California resources: Earth, Wind and Fire.

  • Earth (Geologic) Gravity and momentum-capture regeneration and aero-thermal resistance provide astounding levels of braking efficiency in addition to active energy regeneration.
  • Wind (Aero-Thermal) Building on the legendary Chaparral 2J, the Volt utilizes rear turbine extractors for power cell cooling, down force and (in reversed direction) a combination of aero-assist braking and energy regeneration.
  • Fire (Radiant Sunlight) Integrated thin-film PV panels for the racer’s body and team support unit takes advantage of Southern California’s most abundant resource, the sun, and converts it for use as the Chaparral Volt’s primary energy source.
GM Chaparral Volt 7 GM Chaparral Volt 8 GM Chaparral Volt 5

General Motors Advanced Design, California – Design Team

  • Frank Saucedo
  • Steve Anderson
  • Thamer Hannona
  • Jussi Timonen
  • Loren Kulesus
  • Alessandro Zezza
  • Sean Moghadam
  • Tony Liu
  • Phil Tanioka

*“Chaparral” and the Chaparral logo are used under the permission of Jim Hall, Chaparral Cars

(Source: LA Auto Show)

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