Insecta Concept

New Designers 17 Oct 2008
Insecta Concept

The Insecta Concept is a design study of a futuristic electric personal mobility vehicle inspired by nature and insects. The author is Taiwanese design student Shao Yung Yeh.

Insecta Concept 01The Insecta Concept – or Concept 蜢 (pronounce: Meng, meaning grasshopper in Chinese) was created by Shao Yung Yeh during the 2007-2008 academic exchange with Kunsthochschule Berlin, under the supervision of professor Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert.

The goal of the project was to create a futuristic personal mobility vehicle, with a unique construction and design language.

As Shao Yung Yeh explains, "Taking inspirations from nature, the exterior expresses the characteristics of friendly insects, such as grasshoppers – agile, lightweight and green."

Insecta Concept 06 Insecta Concept 07

With the structure similar to an insect, the concept features legs-like suspension systems, which actively adjust the height of the car in different traffic situations. At the back is an independent battery pack with the ability to control the center of gravity of the car.

Insecta Concept 10 Insecta Concept 09

The concept vehicle is propelled by four independent electric motors located inside a sphere system on each wheel. "This not only increases the agility of driving, but also optimizes the space for a comfortable cabin."

Insecta Concept 08 Insecta Concept 11


About the Designer

Shao Yung Yeh was born in Taipei, Taiwan 1986. He studied Industrial Design in Cheng Kung University in Tainan for 3 years from 2005.

Insecta Concept 04 Insecta Concept 02 Insecta Concept 03

In 2006 he won first prize for the Yulon-Nissan Car Design Contest in Taiwan in 2006. He is currently working on his final graduation project in Taiwan.

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(Image Courtesy: Shao Yung Yeh)

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