JJAD Project 001 preview

Automotive Design 24 Feb 2008
JJAD Project 001 preview

PistonHeads has revealed the first information about a work-in-progress project by ex-McLaren designer Jim Dowle. The sportscar will have a total weight under 900kg, thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon fiber. A working prototype could be unveiled within 2009.

According to the first information the lightweight GT will be powered by a 200-hp mid-mounted engine and will weight just 870 kg, thanks to the structure and body made entirely from carbon fiber and aluminum.

JJAD Project 001 JJAD Project 001

A 1:4 scale model is currently being developed. The estimated retail price wold be around 45-50,000 Euros.

The project is led by Jim Dowle, a former McLaren designer who has worked together with Gordon Murray in the development of the McLaren F1 (1991) and the Mercedes SLR.

About JJAD

JJAD is an automotive design & prototyping company based in Chobham, Surrey – UK. It is specialized in designing and prodcing vehicles for road or track use. The in-house development process includes 3D modelling, packaging, stress analysis and drawings until the final assembly.

For more information visit jjad.co.uk.

(Source: JJAD via PistonHeads)

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