Audi Snook Concept

New Designers 8 Feb 2008
Audi Snook Concept

Created by German designer Tilmann Schlootz, the Snook Concept is an original and agile personal mobility vehicle that rides on a sphere. The project has won the Michelin Challenge Design Award 2008 at the Detroit Autoshow 2008.

The Audi Snook rides on a sphere. This visionary concept implements the principle of agility through instability from aerospace technology.

Audi Snook Concept Audi Snook Concept Audi Snook Concept

The multidirectional engine consists of a sphere-wheel and enables the driver to intuitively navigate and steer the autostabilized cabin in every direction, including on the side and backwards, as well as to turn on a point.

Audi Snook ConceptBeside a completely new driving experience, this creates a variety of new maneuvers, that offer driving fun as well as satisfying the needs of future urban mobility.

Tilmann Schlootz describes his project: "The Magic Egg of Columbus, or better, two billard balls standing on each other: this icon is my origin on the way of reducing the hardware demands of physical mobility to the minimum.

"One point touching the ground, the inverse pendulum in motion. Agility through instability, controlled by artificial intelligence – that is my formal issue.”

Audi Snook Concept - Design panel Audi Snook Concept - Design panel

The Snook technological research project was started under the supervision of Wolfgang Mueller-Pietralla, Vice President of VW Group Research Future Affairs and Dr. Martin Weiser, Vice President of VW Group Research Electronics.

Audi Snook Concept - Design panelThe concept was developed in the context of Schlootz’s diploma thesis “Future Research and Product Design” that deals with methodical similarities and potential synergies of the two branches.

The work is supervised by Prof. Dieter Mankau, Head of the ITD Offenbach and Prof. Dr. Martina Hessler, from the HFG Offenbach.

The Audi Snook has also received the Treasured VDA Design Award 2007 at the last Frankfurt Motor Show.

A model of the Audi Snook has been on display at the Michelin Challenge Design Finalists Exposition during the 2008 Detroit Motor Show.

Audi Snook ConceptThe concept model and designer Tilmann Schlootz will be present at the "DesignParcours Munich" (29 February – 5 March 2008) and at the "Hannover Fair" (21-25 April 2008).

About the Designer

Tilmann Schlootz was born in Frankfurt, Germany and studied industrial design at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach after basic studies in machine engineering at the TU Darmstadt.

He was in the student team that in partnership with Honda created the OFX motorcycle design, which won two Intermot Design Awards 2004.

In 2006 he won the Michelin Challenge Design Awards with the two mono-rubbertrack-vehicles Baal and Hyanide, supported by Edag. He currently works at Audi Design.

(Image courtesy: Tilmann Schlootz)

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