Splinter: the wooden concept car

New Designers 3 Jan 2008
Splinter: the wooden concept car

Splinter is an original project of a high-performance sportscar concept made of wood composites. It was started by industrial designer Joe Harmon to explore new materials and ideas.

Splinter - Wooden concept carThe Splinter concept was developed by Joe Harmon for his graduate project at the Industrial Design Course – North Carolina State University.

The main idea is to build a high-performance, mid-engined supercar from wood composites, using wood whereever possible, including the chassis, body, and large percentages of the suspension components and wheels.

The car has a target weight of 2500lbs and a power goal of over 600 horsepower delivered by a turbocharged 4.6 liters V8 unit.

The claimed goal of the team led by Joe Harmon is to "explore materials, learn, teach, share ideas, and stimulate creativity".

Splinter - Wooden concept carExtensive information on the Splinter project can be found on www.joeharmondesign.com.

For who’s interested it is possible to follow the development of the car on Joe Harmon’s Blog or on his Flickr page.

Splinter - Wooden concept car Splinter - Wooden concept car
Splinter - Wooden concept car Splinter - Wooden concept car

(Source: www.joeharmondesign.com via Winding Road)

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