Remaking the Ferrari Dino

Remaking the Ferrari Dino

Many rumors have been recently circulating about a possible rebirth of a baby-Ferrari, that could bear the legendary Dino name. We report a gallery of the artistic impressions and renderings that use different design approaches to show how such a vehicle could look like.

Given the success of the original Ferrari Dino, many would like to see a modern "baby Ferrari" come into reality. Recently some rumors have been made about a possible production entry-level Ferrari based on the Maserati GT.

Below we report a gallery interesting renderings that give some hints at the possibile look of this compact sportscar. For more information on the various proposals/scoops visit the corresponding links.

Source: AutoExpress – December 2006 Design: Andrea Rosati – Source: – 5 March 2007
Source: AutoBild – 2006 Source: – 2006
Source: Caradisiac – 2006 Source: WorldCarFans – 2 November 2006

About the Ferrari Dino (1968-1973)

Ferrari Dino 246 GT (1969-1973)

The Dino was the first rear-engined Ferrari production sportscar.

It was produced in two versions: the 206 GT (1968-1969) – powered by a 2.0 liter engine with 180-hp – and its evolution, the 246 GT, which was produced from 1969 to 1973.

The 246 GT was powered by a 2.4 liter V6 engine delivering 195hp.

The body was designed by Aldo Brovarone (Pininfarina) and the engine had been originally developed by Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino, who had died in 1956.

Among the technical highlights were light-weight aluminium body, full independent suspension, and four disc brakes.

From 1972 a GTS open-top version was also included in the production range.

Commonly referred to as "baby Ferrari", the Dino was produced in 3,500 units until 1973, when it was replaced by the 308 GT4 designed by Bertone.

For more information, visit Ferrari Dino page on Wikipedia.

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