Bertone in the Automotive Hall of Fame

Automotive Design 18 Oct 2006
Bertone in the Automotive Hall of Fame

Legendary Italian designer Nuccio Bertone has entered the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit, and a plate engraved with his signature has been deposited next to those of celebrities who have made motoring history, from Henry Ford to Louis Renault.

From the official Press Release:

Nuccio Bertone at workDuring the evening ceremony to mark this occasion, Nuccio Bertone was described as one of the great protagonists of the car world.

As the citation of the prestigious award reads, "For the influence he has had on car design, for having discovered and encouraged some of the world’s best designers, for having contributed to the car industry for decades and for having created some of the best cars around, the Automotive Hall of Fame is proud to include Nuccio Bertone among its members".

Nuccio Bertone’s entrance into the Detroit Hall of Fame is the latest in a series of international awards, among which are the honorary degrees in Doctor of Science from the Art Canter College of Design of Pasadena (USA) and in Architecture from Turin Polytechnic, the Lifetime Automotive Design Achievement of Detroit (USA) and his recent induction into the European Automotive Hall of Fame in Geneva.

(Source: Bertone)

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