Fiat Panda Jolly Concept

Concept Cars 9 Aug 2006
Fiat Panda Jolly Concept

The Fiat Panda Jolly is a unique vehicle created by Fiat Styling Center and Stola and inspired by boat design. It will serve as a special shuttle bus in Capri this summer. The interior features innovative materials and exclusive trims.

1958 Fiat 600 Multipla Jolly by Ghia
The 1958 Fiat 600 Multipla Jolly by Ghia
The Panda Jolly is a unique vehicle created by Fiat Design Center and built by Stola (RGZ Group), an Italian engineering company specialized in the creation of Show Cars and Design Studies.

It will be used for a prestigious shuttle service in Capri and will transport VIPs towards their holiday destinations.

Defined by Fiat as “a car with a fresh, light and mediterranean look both in the colors and materials”, the Panda Jolly is inspired by the interior design and yacht design worlds, and features styling elements that remind of the spirit and way of life of the 1960’s.

Indeed, it can be considered the riedition of the 600 Multipla Jolly, a car created by Carrozzeria Ghia in 1956, which could be found on the streets of Capri 50 years ago.

Fiat Panda Jolly
Fiat Panda Jolly - Interior detail
The Fiat Panda Jolly in Capri Interior detail

Interior Design and Materials

Fiat Panda Jolly ConceptThe interiors are created by Paola Lenti, an Italian leading company in the Interior Design sector, specialized in the research and development of innovative fabrics and materials.

Both the seats and the dashboard are derived from the Frame project: the modular volumes have a structure of satinated steel slats and are upholstered in the exclusive sailing-inspired Rope fabric.

This special material is nonallergic, nontoxic, antibacterial and resistant to UV rays.

The seat cushions are upholstered in Pure cotton terry cloth.

Many structural elements like the floor, sills and various trims are made with pickled natural ash finish with white ash inlays.

Other details are made of satinated steel.

(Source: Fiat)

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