Rhino 6: upgrade special offer ending soon

The special offer reserved to existing users of Rhino ends on May 15: until then it’s possible to upgrade to the newly released Rhino 6 at a special discounted price of  395 Euros/USD instead of 495 Euros/USD.

Rhino 6 has been released by McNeel in the past weeks after a long public beta period – as in the company’s tradition.

Rhino 6 released

New features include the integration of Grasshopper, many general improvements and some enhancements in the surfacing functions, like the possibility of editing solid fillets and blend surfaces.

Rhino 6 also features many new features in the area of viewport display and an extended toolkit for developers, which will allow extensive customization and even more third party solutions compared to the past.

We are working on a complete review, however in the meantime we remind you that if you own a commercial, single user license of a previous version you have time until May 15, 2018 to upgrade to the latest version at a discounted price of €395 ($395 in the US) instead of €495 ($495 in the US).

For more information check Rhino’s official website.

Check back soon for the complete review.


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