Italdesign launches “Automobili Speciali” division

Special Cars 15 Feb 2017

Italdesign has announced the launch of a new brand, “Italdesign Automobili Speciali”, that will focus on the development of special vehicles produced in ultra low series aimed at a number of selected collectors.

The new brand, which will make its debut during the next Geneva International Motor Show, marks Italdesign’s return to small series production, following the past experiences of the Seventies with the BMW M1, the Eighties with the Aztec prototype and the Nineties with the Nazca and W12.

1988 Italdesign Aztec Concept

Above and below: the Aztec (1988)

1988 Italdesign Aztec Concept Design Sketch Drawing

All the different aspects of the limited production runs, including styling, testing, validation and homologation, will be handled by the Italian design firm, which has recently made investments in technology and training for the development of pre-series vehicles for the world’s major OEMs, as testified by the assembly of seventy pre-series of the new Audi Q2 compact SUV.

Italdesign Automobili Speciali – Logo Design

Italdesign Automobili Speciali Logo

The logo is a tribute to the City of Turin, where Italdesign had initially been based

Filippo Perini, Head of Innovation Design, stated: “When designing this new logo, we were inspired by the symbol of the City of Turin. We started not from the rampant bull of the city’s crest but from the bull’s head, which is a real icon being used on ancient palaces as an ornamental part. In this city the history of Italian automobile was born, the most famous and prestigious carmakers were born, as well as the ’coachbuilders‘ who made the Italian car design famous worldwide. Besides, it’s the city which hosted, from 1968 to 1974, the first Headquarters of Italdesign. With whis logo therefore we wanted to celebrate the passion and the know-how that ideally unite Italdesign and Turin”.

(Image Courtesy: Italdesign for Car Body Design)

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Italdesign launches
Italdesign launches
Italdesign launches

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